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Digital Trade Finance

Sara developed Brand Messaging, PR Strategy and Content for MODIFI, a Berlin-based fintech company that provides a B2B payments platform for cross-border trade. MODIFI is a global company with offices in Germany, the Netherlands, the U.S., India, China, Pakistan, Hong Kong, the UAE, and Bangladesh.

Read Sara's articles, press releases and LinkedIn posts for MODIFI.

Growing Through LinkedIn 

Below are some examples of LinkedIn posts Sara created for MODIFI. Sara grows MODIFI's LinkedIn followers organically by on average 1000 new followers per month. Since she joined MODIFI, she increased unique visitors by 24% and  boosted LinkedIn custom button clicks (leading to MODIFI website) by 300%. The posts below gained on average 3000 organic impressions each. 

All About Commercial Lending

As part of Boundary Digital, Sara developed website and blog copy for Onyx Capital - a commercial lender in manufactured home communities. She worked closely with the founders to understand the service they offer, write expert content and create powerful messaging to elevate the brand.


Credit Building Debit Card

Sara worked with Boundary Digital designers and Fizz founders Carlo Kobe and Scott Smith, to develop the brand tone of voice and website copy for Fizz - a student debit card that builds credit. Why is credit building so important and how do we simplify finance so that it's accessible to college students? These were the starting points that led Sara to develop the taglines "Build Credit not Debt" and "Give Yourself Credit" that established the selling points of the brand and were used in other marketing materials.


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